August 1, 2021


Rates vary according to:

  • the tasks required (copy-editing, rewriting, etc.)
  • the subject matter (technical material is more costly than simple copy)
  • the state of the copy to be worked on (non-English first language author, messy copy, copy with much revision required from additional notes etc. would all cost more than clean, straightforward copy written by a professional author)
  • the timescale (the quicker the turnaround required, the more expensive it is)
  • whether it is a one-off job or likely to form part of an ongoing scheme of work.

Each job is priced individually in negotiation with the client once I have seen a representative sample of the copy and discussed fully the parameters within which you want me to work.

I generally prefer to work on an hourly rate, agreed beforehand, and based around an estimate of the hours the job is likely to need. I undertake to work as quickly and economically as possible, and will keep you up to date with progress, especially if there is any likelihood that the estimated hours will be significantly overrun.

Any changes to the brief, additional work, amendments to work already done required by new information etc. will increase the number of hours required and thus inevitably increase the overall charge.

Invoices are submitted at the end of the job or on a monthly basis, depending on the timescale involved, and must be settled in full within a maximum of 30 days.

As a broad guideline, I base my fee structure around the recommended range suggested by the National Union of Journalists and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.
Everything is negotiable: call me today to talk through your project.